“Not knowing what to expect from the working world as a therapist studying the Cruise Ship Course was a great way to introduced me. The teachers at BTI are very helpful and have a great supporting system. It took many hours of studying and hard work to complete the course but with the help of my lectures we all improved on our working skills, team work and confidence. I can only compliment BTI on the excellent knowledge and training I’ve received in the beauty industry. The course has opened tremendous doors and gave me working opportunities others could only dream of. Knowing that I can always go back to upgrade my skills or even for professional advice, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am beyond thankful”.

The teachers at BTI are very helpful and have a great supporting systemChane Preston

“Studying at beauty therapist institute has been an amazing experience. They helped me  build my dreams and always motivated me to achieve my goals. I’ve learned so much during my 2 years of studying, not only practical and theory but also how to love yourself and others. I am thankful for all they have done for me. I would not be a successful therapist if they had not offered the building blocks for my future”.

Studying at beauty therapist institute has been an amazing experienceAngelique Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen



Dear Julia

Please accept our gratitude for supporting and partnering with the Youth@Work program, by providing our participant with an internship opportunity, which has allowed them to have a sense of idea and direction of the career choice they have chosen. Thank you for opening your doors and giving them the space to explorer and learn. We look forward to doing more work of this nature with you in the coming year and future.

On behalf of the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Please accept our gratitude for supporting and partnering with the Youth@Work programRazaan Bailey Program Manager

I am Tiffany Sissing, and I am a student at the Beauty Therapy Institute, Somerset West.

As I was growing up, I knew that I wanted to study further after I had finished school; I was just unsure about what I wanted to study. Throughout my high school years, I discovered that sitting behind a computer is not what I am destined to do; I need to be practical, do something with my hands, make people happy and feel good about themselves. In the meantime, I explored my options of practical institutes, and came across BTI. I enquired about the courses, prices and about the college in general. This was the perfect option for me, with my mom being a single parent and not being able to afford a university or any other private institutes. This was great, as modular courses are offered here and can be paid as you do a module at a time which really helps, as you can save for one module while doing another.

When I decided that this was what I wanted to study, I chose to do the Beauty Specialist Diploma; I started with one module, and then saved up for the next. After completing two modules, I was blessed with the funds for the rest of the course. This was such an amazing blessing as I did not know where the rest of the money would come from for the next few modules. Now as my course is paid in full, I can still do one module at a time, or even do more than one at a time. However, seeing all the courses and modules offered at BTI, I was really interested in the NSI Nail Technology course. I know that this is a popular treatment and made this my next goal as soon as my mom could afford it. During the year it has come to my attention that this very course was the prize in a lucky draw, and I thought to myself, this is mine; it is meant for me. Since that very day, I told my family and they believed with me and we made it a praying matter, as this course is the desire of my heart, they knew how important it was to me. After the charity day that took place at BTI, Somerset West (I completely forgot about the luck draw) my phone rang, and it was Julia. Not even realizing, I answered the call. Only then it hit me why she was calling me. The moment just brought tears to my eyes and a smile from ear to ear. My prayer had been answered! This was truly a miracle. I am ecstatic to start this course, and I feel blessed and privileged to do it.

My experience at the Beauty Therapy Institute has been wonderful so far. The times are flexible, so I am able to do another passion of mine; dancing, which takes up most of my time during the afternoon and evening but I am able to work around it. The lecturers are great, they are helpful when needed , I am never push down, they always build you up and they make you feel at home. It is an amazing environment and the atmosphere is always pleasant, creating such a good vibe to work in. I could not have asked for a better place than this one to study further.


I love BTI!!

My experience at the Beauty Therapy Institute has been wonderful so far

“Am very proud… on myself I passed my make-up course, And i just want to thank my mother Carmen Louw for everything and for all the support she has give to me.. And i also want to thank the other people that also support me by being my clients… And I also want to say thanks to the ones that also supported me not to give up. And also big thank to Lindi Lourens she very good teacher if it was not for her I would have done it by myself… And to other student am very proud you guys…. it was very nice to have meeted you guys….”

…. it was very nice to have meeted you guysSonja louw WALVIS BAY student

“Hi Sam, Dee and Cam. I just want to thank you guys for picking me up when I had no idea about nails. If it wasn’t for your patience I wouldn’t have received a certificate on Wednesday. Thank you for your support and the love to share your knowledge with me. Thank you so much. For this I will forever be grateful. Please keep the good work up”

Thank you guys for picking me up when I had no idea about nails

On behalf of Choices I would like to thank you very much for organizing a pamper day, and receiving all the donations for Choices.

We are thrilled with all the wonderful donations.

We appreciate your support.

Thank you.

Choices Crisis Pregnancy Counselling and Helderberg Baby Saver. 1 charity with 2 purposes.Heather Boyce

“Beauty Therapy Institute – Somerset west

The beauty therapy institute,Somerset West is a very homey, well organised college with more than 40 different part time modules. The classroom is well equipped for all its students,well managed and kept clean at all times. The students are always in excellent hands. The highly qualified educators  thrive to make each and every student feel comfortable and at ease. They are always available for any questions and/or advice. The Beauty Therapy Institute is not just a college but a family.There is always new and exciting courses being taught. The teachers aswell as the students work as a team to achieve a positive and successful outcome. Students are motivated and encouraged on a daily basis. I couldn’t have asked for a better college in my 4 years of training. I’m always impressed with the way the educators conduct the lessons as each lesson in trained in depth. The BTI changed my view on what a successful college should be. I am always excited to go to class as it is a pleasure to be present in such a warm,welcoming environment “

Warm, Welcoming EnvironmentLizaan

“I have been a part time student at BTI Somerset West since October 2013. I am currently finishing my Beauty Specialist Level 2 Diploma. While studying at BTI I am also currently working at a Spa which is amazing as you can study and work at the same time, which gives you more experience.

With two lecturers that are so passionate for this industry it is hard not to love every moment of it. Julia and Lucia is truly the best at what they do.

BTI Somerset West is more than just a college that you come to everyday, it is family. I would recommend BTI Somerset West to any and all aspiring therapists out there as choosing to study at BTI Somerset West was one of the best decisions I have made in my life as you get the best from the best so that you can be the best therapist you can be.”

Amazing as you can study and work at the same timeYolandi Burmeister

“Thank you for the pedicure course, and your professional environment, it was good to be back in a business environment and I really enjoyed being with you. I wondered at one stage how I would feel with a group of young people but I was not concerned at all. It was good for me to study after a very long time and I am now excited about what will happen next. Thank you Julia.”

Thank you for the pedicure course, and your professional environmentMarilyn Prinsloo - May 2013