I like to do peoples nails

I was received with warm hands

I have always known I wanted to be in the beauty industry

I chose BTI because of their standards

BTI Rivonia was one of the best decisions i have made

I chose BTI Rivonia

Life is a process of growing

What I like the most

What I love about BTI

Hi there! My name is Cataleya Ntsoaki Lekalakala and I’m a BTI RIVONIA STUDENT.


Firstly I would like to thank you all for making dreams a reality. BTI RIVONIA (Beauty Therapy Institution) made a huge difference in my life! Please keep on doing this heart-warming work!

Well, where do I start? My journey with BTI RIVONIA (Beauty Therapy Institution) started in April 2018 when I registered up to be a part of this awesome program and I felt as though this is what I would like to be part off from that day I realized that I’m helping myself in more ways than one. I felt a part of something special, something GREAT! And that felt fulfilling.

I was finally contacted the very same month April 2018 and I was over the moon knowing that there is someone that sees the potential in me of being a Nail Technology Student, and what an honorable feeling that was!!

I met so many people, some not seeing their faces but being part of the Beauty Institution and some that I saw that I befriended. My day finally approached of starting class and I remember feelings of joy and warmth that morning. I was met by the utmost friendliest Lecturers and Principal at the Institution and I was treated with care and to see them smiling and meaningful it was heart-warming! I felt good that day as I left BTI it filled me with joy and brought me so much closer to a dream of being a Nail Tech, I truly felt like one already, how absolutely proud I felt for myself being part of such an amazing school, but most of all, knowing that soon I will wake up one day being a Nail Tech & to see the smile on my face and my family. BTI RIVONIA (Beauty Therapy Institution) May God bless each and every one of you for the awesome work you do! And that is why I Love and chose the Institute.

All my Love, Cataleya, June 2018

Firstly I would like to thank you all for making dreams a reality