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September 2021, my life changed for the better.  “Why?” you ask, my friend. Because I discovered Beauty Therapy Institute and since then I have never looked back.  I have embraced the course with passion, got myself involved with it and I enjoyed it.  That was the biggest excitement, to improve and take myself to the next level.

I discovered that the college is very helpful.  The atmosphere is very nice and welcoming. The teachers are very knowledgeable, they have patience, good empathy, they are very kind and considerate.  I’m highly motivated by them.

I can highly recommend Beauty Therapy Institute to anyone who wants to take the path of beauty, who wants to build their career and make their career dreams come true.  Beauty Therapy Institute is the place to be.  I am the leaving evidence.

You can’t go wrong with BTI.

– Student at BTI Cape Town

Florence Matsepe

Make-up is multifaceted & I like to play on all sides of the spectrum. I would either let my creative juices flow, or mellow it out with day, evening and bridal makeup done on clients.

What I love most about working with clients is how they experience the reveal. Once I lift the mirror, you see how their confidence levels sky rocket! I love making people feel good. Make-up to me is not a mask to hide behind, but a tool to enhance your natural beauty and radiate!

One of my favourite ways to express myself is by transforming into something or someone else with the help of makeup. I have the most fun with with these looks and they’re also the most challenging. I’m heavily inspired by halloween & cosplay. I usually use challenges such as #colourswithcanatara & #7days7faces to tap into my creative side, and push myself to do something a little more out of the ordinary. These are by far my favourite looks that I’ve done this far!

Michelle Feris

My name is Shivani Govender, I am 24 years old. In 2017 I enrolled at BTI. This was the start of a very promising career in Beauty Therapy, To date I have completed four courses at the BTI. I am currently completing Manual Facials.
The instructors are patient, informative, and they make our learning experience Amazing! Ensuring that we reach our full potential in becoming a Professional Beauty Therapist.

In 2020, I got my first job at Sorbet Waterfront. I loved every bit of the experience… I worked there until the end of June 2021. This led me to believe in myself to venture out on my own, and I opened my own Beauty Business.

Called (Shivani’s Beauty Studio) and based in Kloof Street.

Im a passionate Beauty Therapist who loves working with people from all walks of life….
I leave every client feeling better than when they came in…

I would like to Thank Awesome mentors, My parents, Teachers, Farnaaz, Charlotte, Megan, Roxanne.

Shivani Govender

My journey started a few years back at Beauty Therapy Institute Cape Town, after I had been scouting for a few beauty schools where I could attend…and I’m very happy I chose BTI.

I was only supposed to do Nail Technology but my love for the beauty industry grew bigger and bigger each day I attended class, and I ended up doing a few other courses as well. BTI is my other home away from home, a place where I feel relaxed and get to do what I love.

I’ve learned so much in class and gained a lot of experience at the same time. My lecturers Miss Charlotte and Mrs Farnaaz are the best at what they do and very passionate about the work you do…. you guys are amazing!!!

Always there to help you and guide you into the right path and you go that extra mile for us as students, and for that I’m forever grateful. Today I can say I’m a proud citizen/ employee at Sorbet all because of my lecturers who trained me to become a professional beauty therapist. I am still a part time student at BTI because I’ve got so much more to learn, do and offer.

I would love to thank the staff at BTI  for everything you taught me and all the other students at BTI.

You guys are the best!

Much love,

Waseema Simon

Waseema Simon

My name is Logan Petersen and I applied to BTI with the intention of wanting to be a qualified Beauty Therapist as that is my passion. For the past 2 years I’ve gained so much experience from my lecturers, students and principal. Not only was BTI a good learning experience for me but it was also a way of making great long term friends that shares the same passion.

I did the Beauty Therapist course which includes so many interesting modules, e.g. Waxing, Eyelash extensions, Manual & Electrical Facials..etc. BTI offered so much more which inspired me to take on different courses to broaden my horizon. The expertise and professionalism from both the lecturers and principal are exceptional and I would recommend any aspiring Beautician to attend BTI.

Once I’m done with my studies, the qualifications I have would allow me to work overseas or even on the cruise ship or as far as opening my own little beauty salon one day which I am currently doing from home practicing under the name Logan Petersen Make-Up & Beauty.

I wish to extend my gratitude toward the BTI team for my achievements.

Thank you,

Logan Petersen

Logan Petersen

I started my journey with Beauty Therapy Institute Cape Town back in 2015, wow best decision I’ve ever made!

They’re extremely professional and passionate about what they do, always keeping standards high. They never hesitate to help and guide you where they can, also giving their students continuous support throughout the duration of their course whether they’ve only signed up for one course or combo courses!

If you want to be the best at what you do, BTI is definitely the institute for you. It doesn’t just end in the classroom, everything they teach you will be used in your career as a beauty therapist/beauty specialist. They truly have the most phenomenal educators by far!

BTI has changed my life forever, I couldn’t be happier about the career path I chose.

BTI is a well renowned institution and job placement is almost instant, which is amazing.

An immense thank you, I am forever grateful.


Faranaaz Volkwyn

Faranaaz Volkwyn

Hey Beauties!

I am Candice Le Roux. I started my life changing journey with BTI Cape Town in 2018.

I was mostly a part time student juggling work, kids and studies but with my support structure I succeeded. As they say you are never too old to go after your dreams!

I developed a variety of skills with the help of the amazing instructors at BTI. They taught with kindness, patience and are passionate about what they do. They always made you feel like you are part of a big BTI family.

I completed the courses, Manicure & Pedicure, Soak off gel, Nail Technology and became a Nail Technology specialist, I also did lash extensions, threading and lash and brow tinting.

I will definitely not be stopping there and look forward to my future studies at BTI.

BTI educators have given me so much confidence in what I do. My one dream has come to life, owning my own business and working with people.

I have started my own business called “Candy’s Nail and Beauty Bar”.

Thank you to the amazing team at BTI that I hold close to my heart, you have played  a huge part in making this possible.

Much Love to all,
Candice Le Roux

Candice Le Roux

I joined the Beauty Therapy Institute last year (2018) and did the holistic massage and sports massage course. Being at a higher institute for the first time since school, I realized that there is a huge difference between college life and high school life. In terms of freedom you get. At school you HAVE to attend class everyday with set schedules, whereas at college it’s up to you to attend and finish your course. My first year at college was awesome, I wasn’t faced with that many challenges, I had a goal and just focusing on that goal made it easier for me to work hard and attend college regularly; I worked out how many hours I needed to do each day, to reach a certain amount of hours in that week and then in that month to reach all the specific goals and in turn, finish my course hours within the time frame I had set for myself.

I will forever be grateful for the teachers’ ability to teach, support, motivate and inspire all BTI students, a big thank you to Miss Charlotte, Mrs Megan and Mrs Farnaaz.

When the year of 2018 ended I was offered a job, how amazing is that??

When looking to see if you could get employment, there is just so much inspiration from BTI, from the young girls that open their own business, to people getting jobs at the Sorbet salons and other salons and spa’s. I’ve had an AMAZING experience and my advice to anyone that would like to study Beauty Therapy is that if you go to BTI, knowing what you want to do, having set a goal and working hard towards your goals, you’ll go so far. Thank you BTI!

Yolanda GaladaStudent at Beauty Therapy Institute – Cape Town Holistic Massage, Sports Massage and Manual Facials 2018/2019
Nosipho photo

SEW Storytellers – Nosipho, Sorbet Man Sea Point

When it comes to inspiring herself, Nosipho has a beautiful mantra – “What men can do I can also do. If anyone can do it, I can do it too. Never underestimate yourself and never be too afraid to go to the second step because you might be losing opportunities. You have to want it and always be positive about yourself so someone else can also see the positive in you and bring it out.”

The lovely Nosipho is currently a salon assistant at Sorbet Man in Sea Point and recently started her mani pedi training at the Beauty Therapy Institute (BTI) in Cape Town. She hails from the Eastern Cape, moving to Upington with her family and then eventually settling in Cape Town. Coming from a family of 6, and being the second born, Nosi was very involved in helping to raise her siblings while Mom and Dad were working.

You can tell that Nosi is passionate about the Sorbet brand when she speaks. Her journey with the Sorbet community began almost a year ago when the Sorbet Man salon opened. Usually quite a shy person, the moment Nosi started working in a salon environment she began to realise this was what she wanted to do. “I love being around people, I love to interact with them and to just help people enjoy the beauty of treatments and being pampered,” she says.

About 3 years ago, Nosi approached BTI to enquire about nail training but she didn’t have the funds and there were no bursaries available at that time. “When Sorbet Empowering Women (SEW) offered me the opportunity to study mani pedi, I grabbed it with both hands because I had been interested a few years before but didn’t have the money to study,” says Nosipho.

Juggling a work and study opportunity, Nosipho attends training 2 days a week. She was nervous at first, not knowing what to expect, but now feels that everything just flows and she feels quite at home in the training environment. Nosi finds that dealing with various students as models for the practical hours helps prepare her for the reality of working with future guests in the salon. “The more you are interacting with people you don’t know, the more prepared you can be,” she adds. She loves doing manicures and is working on perfecting her massage technique.

A keen student, Nosi practises her new skills at home each day. She asks for homework and makes an effort to check with the trainer what she needs to read in preparation for the next lesson, wanting to go beyond that task. She is currently doing revision of the training completed to date, using her weekends and spending an hour or two after work in the afternoons to perfect her knowledge.

Nosipho has big hopes for the future. “I would like to grow as a nail tech. I like that there are no boundaries. One day I want to see myself owning my own salon, teaching people about skills and everything beauty related.” Nosipho hopes that her story will inspire other women to grab opportunities for growth with both hands and make good use of it.

When asked what beauty means to her, Nosi believes that every woman’s lifestyle should be beautiful and to cherish that beauty. “When a person passes by they must say wow, look at her!”

Watch out world, here comes the bright and beautiful Nosipho.

All the best ……Nashleena Sukraj

The lovely Nosipho is currently a salon assistant at Sorbet Man in Sea Point

“The Beauty Therapy Institute (BTI) has changed my life. I am the product of the good faith and encouragement of the professional staff at this institute. I am amazed at the love I have received and the knowledge that I have gained that far transcend the classroom. My opportunities have become limitless. Thank you for your patience, for your encouragement and most importantly thank you for believing in me.  My zest for life is indescribable and I assure you that I will not stop here.  I will continue to study at The Beauty Therapy Institute as there is no limit to education. Caryn and Rozanne I appreciate you both, the hard work, late hours, the motivation and the patience are all noted.  Thank you for always believing in us students and pushing us to be the best that we can possibly be. Your patience and willingness to work with any student is remarkable.  I am very humbled and honoured to have been a part of BTI.  My journey does not end here.  To my fellow colleagues and graduates congratulations and well done on your achievements.  I would just like to say to you all that ANY person can make a difference,  ANY person can spark a positive change and ANY person can ignite a fire that can illuminate the world.”

All the best ……Nashleena Sukraj

BTI has changed my life.