Can be studied as individual modules, leading towards BTI certificates or BTI Outcome in Body Treatments, or as a combination of modules towards the ITEC Outcome in Body Treatments. Includes MODULES: 5 + 10 + 13 – 17.

First Aid is a required course for Body Therapy Outcomes.



Nutrition & Body Assessment

Price: R2 350 – Kit: R1 900
Practical & Theory: 30 max hours
  • Analyse the body with ease.
  • 5 Basic food groups, Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia, Dietary guidance, Deficiencies, Vitamins and Minerals, Food labels, Soma types, Corrective exercise, Treatment planning, Measuring, Callipers and Body Analysis Consultation skills.
  • BTI Certificate.
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Body Slimming Electrical Treatments

Price: R5 550 – Kit: Add R350 to #14
Practical & Theory: 110 max hours
  • Clients want to be slim and fit.
  • Learn about Body Galvanism and Iontophoresis, Vacuum suction, Muscle Stimulation Faradic, G5, Interferential & Infra – Red.
  • Pre-treatment Body brush and Body Exfoliation.  Sunbed, Steam & Spa Treatment theory, Module 14 (Nutrition And Body Assessment) and Module 10 (Physics) is required.
  • 3 Case Studies repeated 3 times.
  • BTI Certificate. & ITEC. Module.
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Body Wraps & Scrubs

Price: R3 450 – Kit: R2 800
Practical & Theory: 20 max hours
  • Body wrap application techniques.
  • Various scrubs eg exfoliation, body brush – dry and wet, varying removal techniques and after care applications.
  • Case Studies.
  • BTI Certificate.
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Instant Tan

Price: R3 500 – Kit: R1 600
Practical & Theory: 15 max hours
  • Self Tan application.
  • Manual and Spray Tan.
  • Case Studies.
  • BTI Certificate. & ITEC. Module
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