Q.  How long does it take to complete a course?

A. It takes as long as you wish. Each course has a contract period in which to complete all the criteria. This period is generous but all modules can be completed much quicker than you expect. The more time you spend in class and the more frequently you visit, the sooner you will achieve your outcomes. As an example:

Manicures and Pedicures = 50 Practical hours. You wish to attend practical lessons 3 days per week for 5 hours per day (your choice) then you will complete 15 hours per week and complete your practical hours in 3,5 weeks. Then you will need to write your exam and hand in case studies. So within 1 month you could have your certificate. Or take 6 months which is your contract period. Eezy peezy.

Q.  Do I have to start with a particular module?

A. No. Choose whichever module you wish to specialise in if you want, or we can guide you too. Preferably the one you are most passionate about would be a first choice. However some modalities will require added modules. As an example:

Holistic Swedish Massage = 100 hours. You will also need to do Anatomy and Physiology too. And what about First Aid? Well, you can run Massage and Anatomy and Physiology at the same time or start with A+P first and then do Massage. First Aid will need to be completed before receiving certification. If wishing to get an International outcome, Business Administration would need to be covered additionally.

Q.  Are there any hidden extras to budget for?

A.  We cover all costs up front. Course fee. If there is a kit or book fee, that is noted on the course information. There is a once off registration fee and you need to purchase a BTI Black Top. Wear your own trousers & black shoes and we are happy. If you wish to complete International examinations, these costs are additional and would be quoted upon request. We supply your linen and equipment to use at the college.

Q.  What does flexible, modular mean?

A. You book your bed for the date and time that works best for you. As this defines flexi modular learning? It means you can choose whichever course you wish to learn and complete it when you are available to attend. We don’t dictate the days and times. You tell us. some modules are at set times, on set dates but we keep those to a minimum.

Q.  How do I get my hours in if I am coming in at my own time and at my own pace?

A.  You have a teacher in class full time. She moves from learner to learner, teaching whichever skill is required by each person. You bring someone in to practise on or you work on other students to gain your hours. They don’t pay, so it is a treat for your guests and friends. You could also practise on the college’s paying guests. You book your bed for the date and time that works best for you.

Q.  Do my guests have to pay?

A.  No. Not unless they wish to have other treatments done by other learners, in which case they will then become a paying guest to the college.

Q.  When do courses start?

A.  You tell us. Choose your date and time. We structure our courses around you, due to the flexibility of the hours. Unless it is specifically on a set date, at a set time.

Q.  Why should we choose your college?

A.  We try our best to be the best. By being part of a large group of training centres, run by Group Franchisor Sandy Fuhr (Roy) who brings over 30 years of experience in the industry and education to our colleges. Her global influences in presenting papers and attending International congresses, learning the latest technologies enables the training material and methodologies to be tried, tested and proven to be of the highest standard, globally. All educators meet regularly to discuss teaching and learning together. Liaison with the Sorbet group of salons enables you to gain employment preferentially as well as have an option to open a Sorbet franchise. History and a footprint in the industry in South Africa, Africa and now the UK gives your outcomes credibility.

Q.  How do we pay?

A.  Payment is upfront per modality. So you needn’t pay a huge amount in the beginning for all of the modalities. If your dream is to complete a Combination of Modules and wish to get the 10% discounted fee on the courses, you may pay the Combination up front. A whopping savings for you.

Q.  How do we do the Theory if the Practical is via the allocated hours?

A.  Theory can be done at home, slowly but surely or sit at the college and go through your book/s. When you complete a Section and your relevant worksheet, you may bring it in to be checked whilst you are doing your Practical. Or send us questions via email. Or book time alone with an educator. Or, or, or. We are here to help. In any way you need it. Powerpoints, dvd’s, youtubes, books, additional notes. Whatever you need, we will help you achieve your goals.

Q.  In which order should I do courses?

A.  Arrange a meeting with us and allow us to guide you to choose the right courses in the right order to suit your career goals.