What can you do with these qualifications? Oh, so much! Let us guide you.

Employment in this profession is vast and varied, allowing for entry at any life stage and anywhere in the world due to the International examinations offered to our learners.

This industry is quoted as being one of the largest growing industries globally, opening up opportunities not afforded to other professions. The latest research shows that Sub-Sahara Africa is where the growth is focussed. We can almost guarantee work to our graduates.

Some options for Employment are included below:

ALERT! The education you receive is of the highest standard and with international accreditation. If you have trained at any of the Beauty Therapy Institute branches, you receive preferential interviews for potential employment at any Sorbet Salon in South Africa or the UK.

  • Cruise Liners:

See the world while you work and earn in international currency. Now that’s a WOW! An extremely popular career choice which graduates holding International qualifications apply for. Working on a cruise liner allows for free travel to see the world and gain experience in spas of excellence.

  • Self-Employment:

Work at your own time and own pace in your environment – from home. How convenient is that? Great for a mother with children, working women who wish to earn extra money or even to create a serious home industry in a quiet space. This is an extremely financially viable option for many graduates.

  • Beauty Salons and Medical Aesthetics Clinics:

So many already established Beauty Salons and Medical Aesthetics clinics are out there. We have a multitude of Salon owners who contact the college, head-hunting past learners for employment. We tag our learners for potential employment. OR, OPEN YOUR OWN SALON OR CLINIC – even better.

  • Health and Wellness Spa’s:

Touch the world in Day and Destination spas, either at Holiday resorts, Hotels or Golf estates, or even free-standing Spa’s has supplied a major employment for Health and Skincare therapists. These spas attract an international clientele enabling the graduate to have experiences beyond our borders. Massage is the major focus. Male Massage Therapists are in much need there.

  • Mobile salons:

The helper in you can travel with your portable plinth and equipment to treat clients in their own homes. At times that suit your clients, in an environment that enables them to relax. Travel to hospitals, old aged homes or retirement centres to offer your treatments. This mobile service is invaluable to people who are unable to travel themselves or who enjoy the convenience of their therapist coming to them.

  • Liaison with Affiliated Professions:

Rent a cubicle in a hair salon or other Affiliated Professions to offer your Beauty services. Assist with skincare treatments at Medical Aesthetic clinics is an interesting option to pursue, as well as assisting physiotherapists with massage and skincare treatments with dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Networking is fun.

  • Specialist Skills

If you wish to specialise in only 1 skill because that is what you love, then open a salon offering only those treatments. Examples of these could be a Nail bar, Waxing bar, Brow bar or Massage salon. Many options are available to you to create your own career pathway. Be a newbie and make this happen.